Synthetic hair wigs and extensions by BlondAgain are no-fuss beauty accessories that will enhance your style instantly without a lot of effort from your side. Due to their “style memory”, they retain their initial look even after they have been washed. That is why there is really not much to styling synthetic hair. Simply shake the wig or the extensions to restore the style in the blink of an eye.

However, once in a while you might face some issues or want to change your look. Therefore, we would like to answer a few commonly asked questions about styling and give you ladies some tips.

What to do when my synthetic hair wig becomes tangled or frizzy? 

It happens to the best! Either you fell asleep with your wig on, the weather became a stormy affair for your hair, or you just had a wild night. In either case, your synthetic wig might appear a little tangled, frizzy and dull. No reason to panic!

First give the hair piece a little shake and place it on a wig head or designated hanger. Do not try to detangle it while the hair is on your head. Spray a little water or even leave-in conditioner for severe cases of frizziness onto the hair and let it slightly dry up. That also takes care of any static electricity that might appear.

Next, brush the synthetic hair with a designated wig brush. Start from the bottom and slowly work your way up. Don’t brush too hard as it might cause hair to fall out or damage your wig. For curly hair, only use your fingers and no brush. To make the process easier, use more condition spray on the curls. 

If the brushing doesn’t help, a wash might be required. Check out our Care section to learn more!

How to straighten or curl synthetic hair?

Synthetic wigs can’t stand the heat! That’s why you can’t use devices that apply temperatures above 180 degrees Celsius to style your hair. Some straightener or curl irons have low temperature settings. Please read the instructions of your device before using it on your wig. 

If your curly wig got a little out of shape, you can reset them by using perm rods. Simply curl your wig with the rods and put it into a bowl of slightly warm water. Let it sit for about ten minutes before you remove the hair. Afterwards, let it ideally air dry.

Different ways of styling your wig

  • Half-Up-Half-Down: Sometimes women get a little overwhelmed with the sudden addition of so much voluminous hair. In that case, a small ponytail or bun, pinning up half of your hair, might come in handy to keep the hair from falling in your face.

  • Braids: Is your own hair too thin or short to braid it? Well, your time has finally come! Even with our hair extensions, you can easily braid your hair in any style.

  • Creativity with accessories: Hair clips, bobby pins, headbands or hair ties with attached jewelry - if it works with real hair, it looks good on BlondAgain wigs and extensions as well.

In case you want to restyle your entire wig and for example add a fringe or change the hair color, we would recommend visiting a professional stylist or wig salon. Or simply select another hair piece from our store’s wide selection of wigs and extensions.