Welcome to the world of BlondAgain, a premium hair brand that understands that femininity arises from confidence and versatility. Here you find outstanding, high-quality hair accessories that will unleash the magnificent goddess you had inside you all along.
With the belief that fashion inspires lifestyle and beauty emboldens poise, Kristin Remy founded BlondAgain in 2021. Being affected by Alopecia Areata for ten years, she understands the struggle to find synthetic wigs that match your personality and blend in naturally with your distinctive style. Add to that her lifelong professional experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry, and you get a downright expert when it comes to the outward expression of inner beauty. 
BlondAgain - Kristin Remy
Whether you want to transform your whole look or simply experience the hair of your dreams stroking your shoulders, whether you are affected by illness or overstrained hair, BlondAgain aspires to be your number one brand for all things hair. From synthetic wigs to hair extensions, we cater to the needs of women who aren’t afraid to stand out but also those seeking an undetectable natural-looking hair piece.  
For that purpose, we combine quality craftsmanship with unbeatable customer service and attach a fair price tag onto it. Empowerment shouldn’t be a luxury prerogative, and instead be accessible to every woman who enjoys fashion and beauty. That’s why work as a direct-to-consumer brand that can pass its savings onto you.
With wigs from BlondAgain, you will experience artificial hair that is almost indistinguishable from real hair and just as durable and easy to care for as that of human hair wigs. With our Color Match Me service, we offer individual consultancy service that will help you manifest the crown your inner queen has always dreamt off.
In the end, from women to women, a word to the wise: Girl, don’t be afraid to let your hair down, whenever and wherever you want – no matter whether it’s real or synthetic!