Whether you are looking for the ideal synthetic wig or hair extensions that can amplify your unique style and take it to the next level or desire to recreate the exact look you once paraded with confidence, GIRL, WE GOT YOUR BACK!
At BlondAgain, we would like to offer you the chance to find the hairpiece of your dreams. While our wide range of synthetic wigs and extensions in our store covers quite a few styles and hues, we understand that you might have trouble choosing a wig online that is supposed to accentuate your unique personality in a distinctive way. Therefore, we offer three exclusive options to help you pick your ultimate color hue.

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Color Match <

Hair Samples <

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1. Option  - Color Match
Send us a photo of the style you desire and our color experts will provide the matching shade for the wig of your dreams. The photo should be shot in daylight and not altered by edits, filters or effects. Make sure to show the full hair!

2. Option  - Hair Samples
Order a set of hair samples to match them with the look of your dreams. Experience in person how the shades appear in different light conditions and how the different hair types feel on skin.

3. Option  - Full Color Chart
Have a look at our entire color chart to explore all the shades we have on offer and pick the color that feels the most like you. Our wide range of shades will surely surprise you!

Contact our approachable customer service in case you are unsure which option to choose or if you would like to ask questions about the process of Color Match Me. You can reach us via email, phone call or even chat. Don’t hesitate to personally talk to us as we understand that this a big step. We are here for you!