In our exclusive BlondAgain Online Shop we only offer one size wigs which tend to fit about 98% of all customers. Consider that all our BlondAgain wigs have sewn-in strap that allows you to perfectly adjust the wig to your head.

To determine the right size for yourself, you should take your measurements carefully. First you should pin your hair as flat and tight as possible before taking the measurements, or leave your hair down if that is how you plan to wear it under your wig. Then jot down your measurement and send these together with your request to our customer service. We have a guide that will help you measure your head to determine the best size! 

BlondAgain - How to measure my Wig Size - 1

Measure all around the head.
Position tape measure so its edge
follows the hair line around the full
circumference of the head and nape
of the neck.

BlondAgain - How to measure your Wig size - 3

Front to Nape
Measure from hairline at center of
forehead straight back over crown to
center of hairline at nape of neck.

BlondAgain - How to measure my Wig size - 3

Ear to Ear across Forehead
At front of ear, measure from hairline
at base of sideburn, up across the
hair line along forehead to same
point in front of the other ear.

BlondAgain - How to measure my Wig size - 4

Ear to Ear over top
Measure from hairline directly above
the ear across top of head to the
hairline directly above the other ear.

BlondAgain - How to measure my Wig size - 5

Temple to Temple round Back
From temple to temple across the
back of head.

BlondAgain - How to measure my Wig size - 6

Nape of Neck
Measure the width of hairline across
the nape of the neck.



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