Wig Measuring Guide – How to achieve the perfect fit

To make sure that your synthetic hair wig will fit perfectly when you finally want to show it off to the world, it is necessary that you measure your head and hairline. Even though our store’s wigs come in one unisize that fits 98% of clients, it might happen that the circumference of your head and other measurements are a little smaller or bigger than the average. In that case you can contact our customer service and we get a differently sized wig made for you. Therefore, it is crucial that you compare your dimensions with the average sizes mentioned below.

To make this prerequisite as easy as possible for you, we have put together an exact wig measuring guide that will show you in detail where to place the measuring tape. With this, you will succeed in measuring in no time, so that you can confidently order a wig. Let's go!

What do you need to measure your head? 

You will need the following items to take the measurements:

  • A flexible measuring tape. If you don't have one at hand, you can download a printable version online. Take a look here, for example. Or you can order a flexible measuring tape here.
  • A kohl or water-soluble pencil. If you have no hair or no hairline in a few places, you can use it to draw your hairline on your head before measuring. How do you do that? We'll give you detailed tips for that below.
  • Pen and paper to write down the measurements

What measurements do you need to take? 

Before you start measuring, be sure to put your long hair up or tie it into a bun so that your hairline is visible and easier to access.

If you feel unsure and would rather avoid inaccuracies, you can ask someone you trust to help you measure your hairline and head. With a helping hand and the wig measuring guide mentioned below, the whole matter will be a breeze and done in no time.

With every measurement, we mention the size scope of our unisize synthetic hair wigs. If your measurements fall within that spectrum, our store’s wigs will fit you perfectly. Thanks to the straps in the back of the wig, you can adjust it to achieve the ideal fit.

1. Wig measuring guide: Head circumference

To measure the circumference of your entire head, place the measuring tape so that the edge runs along the hairline at the forehead and nape of the neck. Make sure the tape goes behind your ears. 

Average size: 

2. Wig measuring guide: From the hairline at the forehead to the hairline at the nape of the neck 

For this measurement, place the start of the tape in the centre of the hairline on your forehead and stretch it tightly over your head along your mid parting to the desired hairline at the nape of your neck.

If you don't have a hairline on your forehead or neck, we've listed a few tips below on how to determine your ideal hairline in both places.

Average size: 

3. Wig measuring guide: From ear to ear along the hairline of the forehead

Pull the measuring tape from one ear to the other along your hairline on your forehead. The hairline at the ear should be about 1.5 cm above the top edge of the ear. This can be determined by a finger width above the ear. Make sure that the front edge of the measuring tape is in line with the hairline.

Average size: 

4. Wig measuring guide: From ear to ear over the head

Next, measure the distance from one ear to the other tightly across the head. Again, you should allow about 1.5 cm or a finger's width of space above both ears. 

Average size: 

5. Wig measuring guide: From temple to temple

Next, measure the distance from one temple to the other. To do this, place the tape on one temple and then run it alone the center of the back of the head, parallel to the floor, to the other side. Make sure you place the tape over the most distinct part of the back of the head. 

Average size: 

6. Wig measuring guide: Width of the hairline at the nape of the neck

For the last final measurement, place the tape about a finger's width above the hairline at the nape of the neck and measure the distance from one side to the other. 

With this, the measurement is already complete. That's not so bad, is it? However, to make absolutely sure that the measurement is ideal, we have a few more tips for you.

Average size: 

Tips for measuring your head for your synthetic hair wig

  • As mentioned earlier, you should put your hair up or tie it into a chignon. However, it also helps if you avoid adding extra volume to your hair and keep it as tight to your head as possible. This will ensure that the measurements are correct.
  • To find the optimal hairline on the forehead, you can frown vigorously once. A natural looking hairline is at least 1.5 cm or a finger's width above the furthest crease of the forehead.
  • To set the hairline at the nape of your neck, tilt your head back. This creates a nape fold. The hairline will be above this crease.
  • If you often wear glasses, you should also wear them for this measurement to ensure that the hairline of the wig is not interfering with the ear piece of the glasses.
  • Once you've found the right points on the forehead, nape of the neck, and a finger's width above the ears, connect them with each other.
  • Always measure at least twice, just to make sure the measurements are always the same.

 If you now realise that your head dimensions don’t fit the average sizes mentioned for each category and your head is maybe a little bigger or smaller, just get in touch with our customer service and mention your exact measurements. We’ll make sure to meet your requirements and get a synthetic hair wig made to your size.

If you still have questions about the measuring guide or the different size categories, you can always contact us as well. We will try our best to help!