Human vs. Synthetic Hair Wigs - A Comparison

Long or short, blonde or dark, curly or straight, having beautiful and healthy hair is simply part of being a woman. You identify with the style of your own hair and only feel comfortable and confident when it looks just right. What is particularly exciting about hairstyles is that you can change them constantly and thus experience a completely new you over and over again. Dyeing or tinting hair, cutting it short or growing it long, curling or straightening, you can reinvent yourself with every new look.

This is even easier and more fun when you use wigs and extensions! But what is better? Synthetic hair or real hair? What are the advantages of synthetic hair, and does human hair also have disadvantages? We at BlondAgain have taken a closer look in order to provide you with the ultimate comparison of human hair vs. synthetic hair wigs.

What is synthetic hair? And how are human hair wigs made?

Synthetic hair wigs are made from synthetic fibers made from polyester. In an elaborate process, these are brought into the right shape so that it feels and looks almost like real hair. Wigs or extensions with this synthetic hair are put together by hand and given a certain style and color concept. The result is a high-quality hairpiece that looks fantastic.

Wigs and extensions with human hair take a little more effort to make. The hair mostly comes from India, where many women donate it for religious reasons. These wigs are also meticulously handcrafted and can be colored as the customer requests.

So, which wig should you choose? This is a difficult decision to make and one to think twice about. We want to support you with a direct comparison.

The pros of human hair wigs

Real hair can be styled anew and even colored again and again at any time. So not only does it feel more natural, but it also behaves like real hair. Thus, more authenticity and naturalness is given by wearing a real hair wig.

The cons of human hair wigs

The main disadvantage, however, is that a hairpiece made from human hair, as tempting as it sounds, is very high-priced. This is on one hand due to the fact that high-quality hair that can be used to make wigs is scarce, and on the other hand, that production is very laborious and time-consuming. Only trained specialists can create hair pieces in such a way that you can hardly tell that it is a wig.

In addition, real hair has to be styled all over again after each wash, which requires a lot of effort and maybe even some talent.

The pros of synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic hair wigs and extensions come with a ‘Style Memory’. This means that no matter how often you wash them, they will always retain their original styling. So, if the synthetic hair is curly and voluminous, it will stay that way. Do you prefer it straight and smooth? No problem, because you will find this exact look in our online shop, and we guarantee that there will be no awkward hair standing up or unwanted waves. Say goodbye to bad hair days!

Therefore, there is also a large selection of synthetic hair wigs in terms of look and style. The versatility of synthetic hair wigs is definitely a huge advantage over human hair wigs. Everything is possible!

Synthetic hair is also easier to care for. You only have to wash the wig or extensions once a week if you wear them daily. If you use them less often, cleaning them when necessary is sufficient. All you need is a little lukewarm water and optionally synthetic hair wig shampoo, that's it. Then simply let it air dry on a wig head and the original design is back. We got a whole page on wig care, check it out!  

Synthetic hair is very hard-wearing and steady when relatively new and properly cared for. These properties can be owed to the base material polyester in particular. There has to be a lot going on for you to make synthetic hair look bad.

But the main reason many choose synthetic wigs is that it's a more affordable solution. Due to the artificial origin and the associated simpler production method, high-quality synthetic hair wigs can also be offered at a fair price.

The cons of synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic hair wigs last four to six months if they are worn daily. Synthetic hair also entangles quicker than human hair, but this problem can be solved in a few simple steps, as you can find out in our styling guide.

For whom is a synthetic hair wig the right choice? 

Do you want to try a new style or a different hair color? Or have you planned a very special look for a certain occasion? You don’t want to wait for your hair to reach a certain length or wear a short bob again without cutting your hair? Are you trying to show off a newfound self-confidence or demonstrate a change in life? Or do you just want to express your immeasurable femininity with your exciting versatility and amaze you and the world around you? Then getting one (or maybe even several?) synthetic hair wig (s) or extensions is the right choice for you!

Synthetic hair wigs are also suitable for women who suffer from temporary disease-related hair loss, which was caused by chemotherapy for example. They generate self-confidence at a time when it is difficult to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Who are human hair wigs better suited for?

If you prefer to wear the same look for a long time to come and would rather rely on authenticity than volatility, we would recommend a wig or extensions made of human hair.

There is no denying that human hair falls better and feels more natural. Thus, women who simply want to achieve a very specific natural hair feeling are better off with human hair wigs. Since they last longer and can be styled and dyed again and again, human hair wigs are definitely a more ideal permanent solution.


To conclude, we would like to give you a small overview of the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic hair and human hair wigs.

Human hair

+ Natural look & feel

+ Consistency

+ Can be recolored and styled differently

 - Constant new styling requires effort and talent

- Price-intensive

 Synthetic hair

+ Style memory: particular look is always retained

+ Easy care

+ Volume & color freshness

+ Resilience

+ Large selection of styles

+ Fair price

+ Heat-resistant up to 180°

+ If worn daily, it will lasts for four to six months

The decision is yours. We at BlondAgain offer high-quality yet affordable synthetic hair wigs that will absolutely convince you with their versatility and style. Take a look at our online shop and let yourself be impressed by the large selection of synthetic hair wigs and extensions.